About the Farms



Welcome to High Springs Orchard!

We are an eco-friendly and pesticide free fruit orchard.    

In 1996, we bought a 28 acre farm and started with a few persimmon trees.   After a decade, it turned into hundreds of persimmon, peach, nectarine, chestnut, apple and Asian pear trees.  We also have an assorted variety of Muscadine grape vines and blueberry patches.

You can pick the above fruits during harvest seasons.   Visit our "U-Pick Calendar" harvest schedule and get more information about our fruits at highspringsorchard.com.


We have recently started keeping honey bees.  They are doing a great job of pollination.   We hope to harvest 100% of local honey.



L & E Farms, LLC                

L & E Farms, a "Fresh From Florida" member of the Florida Department of Agriculture, started with 200 trees in 1992.  We slowly expanded over the next several years to over 2500 trees today.  Each new tree was planted from the best seed nuts from our own trees.  Pesticides are not used in our orchard, as is the case with all member orchards.  If you are in the north Florida area, please give us a visit.  To order chestnuts, please visit our website:  chestnutsrus.com




Mockingbird Farm


Mockingbird Farm, between Newberry and Trenton, is owned by Judy Martino.  In the two acres of chestnut trees, miniature donkey Carlo is her hardworking farmhand (or, “farm-hoof”).




Sand Ridge Chestnuts