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The Signs and Symptoms of Wheat and Gluten Intolerance

Among the most common food allergies are wheat and gluten. But exactly what is a food allergy? Is it the same as food intolerance? Allergies occur when the body mistakes an ingredient in food as harmful, so it prepares to defend itself against the attacker (the food). Allergy symptoms develop when the body's immune system releases antibodies to battle the "harmful" food. Food intolerance is the response of the digestive system to an irritating food, rather than a response of the immune system. The diges...


How to Snack Healthy When Working at Home

It's true we have to eliminate clutter, get organized, and create calm surroundings in our home office in order to reduce stress. However, once all this is accomplished, we still have the stress of our work load. When work is stressful, many of us reach for something to calm and comfort our nerves. Too often, that something is food; and not healthy food. The title 'comfort food' typically brings on visions of fast burning carbohydrate-loaded goodies. This food will calm and comfort, yes, but at what expens...


Getting Creative With Your Holiday Leftovers

We are all familiar with the classic turkey or ham sandwich. You know, there was way too much turkey or ham at the holiday feast and now it can either sit in your fridge and go bad, or you can make sandwiches with the leftovers, over, and over, and over... you get the point. Sure, your home-cooked turkey tastes great and the sandwiches are tasty, but unless you do something different, even your best sandwiches will get boring quickly. Here are a few ideas to keep your taste buds entertained. Dress It Up A...


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